Why Is My Cat Coughing/choking and Vomiting a White Foamy Substance?

f6866 cat coughing 5213166799 85ff2af4d6 m Why is my cat coughing/choking and vomiting a white foamy substance?
by Jed Sullivan

Question by sunydays15: Why is my cat coughing/choking and vomiting a white foamy substance?
I woke up this morning to the sound of my cat producing a terrible retching noise. I’ve heard cats vomit prior to but it in no way sounded like this, kind of a like a mixture of choking and coughing. She retched a couple of times with out anything coming out, but the third time she retched, some white, foamy stuff came out of her mouth. I watched her for about yet another hour to see if she was ok and she seemed fine so I left for perform. When I came residence from work she seemed ok at very first but then she did the retching thing right after I’d been home about an hour. There was no vomiting that time, but she looked like she was about to.

Does everyone know what may possibly be causing this? I looked into her mouth/throat but didn’t see anything in there. There is practically nothing in the vomit, no food or hair or anything, it’s just white and foamy/mucousy. She is 2 years old and up to date on her shots. Do I need to have to get her to a vet correct away or will it be OK to wait for a few days and see if this keeps recurring?
I’m pretty confident she doesn’t have rabies. She is an indoor cat and her behavior is normal other than the retching. I did get a kitten a couple of weeks and the cat has been licking her a lot so she is almost certainly ingesting more hair than she is used to, so hairballs could be the problem.
My cat is eating and drinking fine, meowing like typical (she’s a talker), basically acting like nothing at all is incorrect. I made the decision not to take her to the vet final evening due to the fact she genuinely seemed to be performing OK, and if I took her to the vet every time I worried about her for some reason she would be there at least the moment a month (I’m a worrier). I’m starting to think the white foamy stuff may possibly have had white cat hair in it and I just thought it didn’t because I expected to see black hair. The cat is black but my new kitten is white so this would support the theory that she is coughing up hairballs because of licking the kitten so significantly. None of my past cats have actually gotten hairballs so I’m not certain what they would look like. Are they normally wet or dry? Mainly hair, or hair mixed with other stuff?

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Solution by doggylover1125
my dog has had this and at times nevertheless does …. never ever actually knew what it was even though sorry but for my dog by no means really got severe but i nonetheless worry no matter whether or not it is

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