Why Is My Cat Coughing So Much All of a Sudden?

Question by Luna.Divine: why is my cat coughing so much all of a sudden?
it started happening like 20 minutes ago right after she woke up and im freaking out!
it is 11:50 pm here so i cannot take her to the vet.
what should i do?
should i be worried?
she hasnt thrown up or anything just coughing.
she is fat 16lbs and she snores when she sleeps.

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Answer by La
I only wished I had an answer for you, but if she continues through the night I would definitely take her to the vets first thing in the morning. 16 pound cat wow!! You might offer her some warm water with a bit of honey an see if this doesn’t help, I know honey and tea work for us people. I usually give this to animals that have upset stomachs or are stressed from something.

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