Why Is My Cat Coughing and What Can I Do??

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by ms.Tea

Question by charissaxoxo: Why is my cat coughing and what can I do??
I have a five year old male cat. Over the past year or so he has developed a cough along with some wheezing. About six months ago I took him to the vet for this and following the exam the vet stated that he could see nothing at all incorrect. He goes via these coughing and wheezing spells about the moment every single 2 months or so, and there are no other symptoms present. His gums and tongue always keep pink so it seems like he is acquiring sufficient oxygen, but he acts as although he is acquiring trouble breathing. Is there something I can do to aid him??

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Answer by torbaynewfs
Get yet another vet opinion. That is not standard and a thing is incorrect.

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